The successful experience of the Voichenko&Dulsky Law Firm in the field of criminal proceedings is a result not only of a deep knowledge of the criminal and criminal procedural law, and also of a variety of legal and psychological practical tools, which harmoniously combining ensure successful protection of the constitutional rights and legal interests of our client .
The team of the Law Firm provides services in the field of criminal law and procedure both for its corporate clients within the complex of legal services, and in individual cases.

Voichenko&Dulsky Law Firm provides legal protection in criminal proceedings at all stages: pre-trial investigation, litigation in all instances, and in a special orders.

Also, the lawyers successfully represent the interests of legal entities in criminal proceedings in order to minimize possible risks and related adverse effects.

Given the specifics of the criminal process, we provide an individual approach to each client without time and space limitations.

Regardless of the day of week or time of day, lawyers are ready to comewherever they are needed. Having the opportunity to call a lawyer by day and night, the Client provides himself and his family legal protection in any situation: during the arrest, during various investigative actions, during the unexpected search, for urgent negotiations, to resolve the conflict situations. A lawyer can also stop other action against you or protect you from abuse by law enforcement officials.

Services of the Voichenko&Dulsky Law Firm in criminal practice are:

  • Legal defence of the Client in criminal proceedings

    A full range of a lawyer defense for the suspect, accused, convicted, acquitted in criminal proceedings. The defence is provided at any stage, regardless of the complexity of the case. The purpose of the defence of the Client is his ultimate and absolute justification or another release of criminal liability.

  • Representation of the victim of criminal proceedings

    Legal assistance to the victim of criminal proceedings in order to bring the perpetrator to justice and compensate material and moral damage caused to the Client by criminal offense.

  • Legal assistance to legal entities in criminal proceedings

    Services of providing legal assistance to legal entities include legal support during searches and temporary accesses, return of confiscated property and documentation.

  • Legal assistance to a witness during interrogation and other legal proceedings

    Legal assistance of the lawyer to the witness during interrogation or other proceedings ensures observance of rights of the witness, provided by the Criminal procedural legislation; in the first place, the lawyer protects the witness from self-exposure and the exposure of members of his family or close relatives, as well as makes provocations and abuses by law enforcement officials impossible.

  • Any other legal assistance in criminal proceedings

    Voichenko&Dulsky Law Firm provides its clients any kinds of other legal assistance envisaged by the Criminal procedural law.


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